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The Turks and Caicos Airports Authority (“TCIAA”), is a statutory body established by Ordinance 11 of 2005 on 24th May 2006 following the split of the Civil Aviation Department into the Civil Aviation Authority and Airports Authority.

The TCIAA currently controls and manages six (6) public airports within the Islands. This operation includes providing and maintaining runways, taxiways, and terminal buildings for aircraft and passenger facilitation. The TCIAA is also mandated to provide facilities for Border Control Services such as immigration and customs. The Authority also provides facilities for Port Health, Police, and security services.

The TCIAA Board of Directors is currently comprised of an Executive Chairman and six (6) other Directors who are appointed by the Minister Responsible for the TCIAA. Together they are responsible for carrying out the policy and general administration of the affairs and business of the Authority.

The Turks and Caicos Airports Authority's Head Office relocated from Grand Turk to Providenciales on 1st September 2007. This decision served the best interest of the Authority as the Providenciales International Airport then and continues to operate as “the gateway” to the Turks and Caicos Islands and its host island is where all major business is conducted along with being home to all major hotel accommodations.

During the fiscal year, 2010-2011 the Government of the Turks & Caicos Islands (“TCIG”) transferred 8,050,000 shares, representing its 35% shareholding in Providenciales Airport Company Limited (“PAC”), to the Authority at no cost. On April 19, 2010, the Authority acquired the assets and operations of Provo Airport Company (PAC) for thirty million dollars ($30,000,000.00). As part of the agreement, the Authority acquired the Providenciales International Airport’s terminal building (including fittings and air conditioning), apron, and lighting, as well as Grand Turk Airport’s building (along with fittings), runway, and taxiway. This was a significant milestone as it marked the return of valuable national assets to the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Today, the TCIAA continues to operate as a focal point on the national agenda for economic and social development. Plans are currently underway to redevelop and invest more than US 300 Million in the Providenciales International Airport, to complete construction of new terminals is South Caicos and North Caicos, to revitalizate the JAGS McCartney International and Salt Cay Airports, and to further explore opportunities for developing the Middle Caicos Airport for training use.

Notably, the TCIAA has also significantly invested in the construction of a modern and state-of the art Administration Building, and is currently constructing a new Fire Hall, Air Traffic Control Tower and Meteorological Facility on the Island of Providenciales. The focused establishment of a Meteorological Office has also resulted in targeted investments being made to install automatic weather systems across all islands where the TCIAA operates, enabling more independence and reliability to weather reporting capabilities within the TCI.