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The Turks and Caicos Islands Airport Authority (TCIAA) was established to control and manage state-owned airports within the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). With accessibility being an essential factor to the livelihood of the people of North Caicos, it also plays an important role in our trade and tourism industry. A coordinated re-opening of the the Clifford Gardiner International Airport (formerly the North Caicos Airport) has been a priority to the TCIAA and necessary processes to achieve this are underway. The highly anticipated reopening of the airport will mitigate the concerns of the community about emergency, business and leisure travel to and from North Caicos.

To ensure the safety of air passengers and users of the facility, a geotechnical survey was completed on 12th of October 2022 to assess the state of the runway at the Clifford Gardiner International Airport. On the 9th of November 2022,  TCIAA received the survey report concluding that the runway is suitable for safe operations. The TCIAA is now hopeful that an early resolution to the runway redevelopment is achievable. 

The TCIAA is working closely with InvestTCI and a private developer on the North Caicos Airport Development Project. Recently, the developer received a draft agreement for review, as well as the geotechnical survey findings to develop a targeted plan for the project.

The development agreement includes a 49-year term lease over 50 acres of land.  The developer is to have the exclusive right to operate a Fixed Base Operations (FBO) at the Clifford Gardiner International Airport.  The investment payback of no more than 20 years after concessions were removed. This would allow opportunities for direct service private aircrafts to enjoy the luxury of the twin islands and Parrot Cay while also generating revenue.
The TCIAA advises that an Invitation to Tender (ITT) for design, and cost of the new, small, boutique public airport terminal building with full amenities for concessionaires, Border Control and Staff will be published in a short order.  

In the interim the TCIAA is recruiting a fixed-term Project Manager exclusively assigned to the North and Middle Caicos Airports Redevelopment Project. This individual will specifically drive the project to completion. 

The TCIAA welcomes this development and looks forward to continued negotiations with the developer to bring these projects to fruition for the residents of the twin Islands and Turks and Caicos at large.