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Our Mission:

The TCIAA will provide world class airport operations through high standard safety, security, quality, efficiencies, and customer service recognizing its importance to the overall economic development and strategic growth of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Our Values:

Six Be-attitudes

  • Innovative

    We bring thought, creativity, and inspiration to the solutions and general operations process. We look beyond the present to deliver future value by developing and incorporating new methods and new technology. We’re committed to building a world-class Authority.

  • Collaborative

    We achieve more when we collaborate and work with our team members, stakeholders, and community. We aim to always be engaging, responsive, and cooperative.

  • Respect

    To respect first ourselves by our behaviors and our behaviors toward others. Additionally, acknowledging our diversities but common values and goals. Respect the opinions and values of all stakeholders. TCIAA will continually endeavor to be inconclusive, collaborative, and transparent in its dealings with staff, clients, service providers, and all stakeholders. 

  • Integrity

    Integrity and honesty must be the hallmark of all that we do and how we interact with stakeholders. It is therefore a mandate of the Authority to always hold high integrity in its management and working relationships. The Authority highlights and acknowledges its legal obligation to act with integrity in all circumstances.

  • Loyalty

    Loyalty to our profession and ethics that establishes a workplace discipline that is superior in service and exposes. Loyalty is two ways, received and given. 

  • Growth 

    The Authority and its employees seek to grow our airports, individual professionalism, and service.